Top Reasons A Website Is Not Ranking

If your website is not yet visible on the first page of any search engine result, chances are it is struggling to reach the top 10. However, you can still prevent this setback from occurring once you familiarised yourself with the top reasons why a website is not ranking at all.

  1. The Website Is Not Indexed

For your website to rank in top search results, it must be adequately indexed first. Search engine crawlers are primarily responsible for indexing a website.

  1. The Website Just Launched

From the moment that your website has finally launched, it does not appear on search engine results immediately. In this case, you only have to give it ample time from its launch. For your website to rank very well, it is strongly recommended that the site has enough high-quality content and several useful backlinks.

  1. Targeted Keywords Are Very Competitive

On your website, never target keywords that are way too broad and competitive because it lowers the chance for that site to rank. The technique here is to utilize geo-specific keywords. For example, the keywords “best SEO company in Canada” yield far more superior results.

  1. A Search Engine Has Penalised the Website

If your website ranked well previously, but it dropped suddenly and significantly, there may be a penalty attached to it. The best thing that you can do during this situation is to check the Google Manual Actions report, go through every highlighted issue, and correct that issue right away.

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