Q: How much is the overall cost of your service?

A: SEO By Design performs an initial analysis of your goals. They then provide the methods on how to carry them out before it assigns an overall cost to your project. The total price is dependent on competitive and industry analyses, the number of high-quality content, and distribution channel expenses.

Q: What is the indication that your company is utilizing only white hat SEO techniques?

A: With evolving search engine algorithms through the years and SEO By Design’s assurance of transparency, you can rest assured that the company has frequently helped businesses lead search rankings in their respective industry without any issues. This indicates that the company utilizes only white hat SEO techniques on your projects in diligent compliance with search engine policies.

Q: What are the details included in your report?

A: SEO By Design provides reporting every month. The details outlined in the report consist of an action plan for the next month, content samples, distribution link channels, keyword and search engine rankings, number of conversions, and website traffic amount. These details will allow you to plan and make the necessary adjustments to improve your website’s presence and your brand’s online position.

Q: How do you measure your clients’ SEO success?

A: SEO By Design determines the SEO success of its clients according to their business needs and growth. The company assesses your achieved positions, number of conversions, and website traffic quality, among other key metrics, to summarise the success rate of your SEO activities.