7 SEO Tips to Boost Your Vaping Company Websites

A website is the best salesperson you have because unlike your vape shop’s Some experts, it doesn’t get tired and is open to serve your customers at all times. That’s why you need to have a well-optimized website to enhance the customer’s experience to be very inviting to potential customers. Here are some SEO tips you can apply to boost your vaping company website.

Conduct SEO Audit

The first thing to do is to check if there are any missing and inaccurate SEO elements on your website. The best way to do this is to conduct an SEO audit. On top of that, this process plays an important role in the success of your vape website in online ranking. Doing this will help you also to find solutions to why your website traffic continues to drop and why it’s not ranking.

Produce High-Quality Contents

Based on Google’s current updates, websites with well researched and nicely written content are going to be promoted and ranked much better by them. In making content, make sure that the readers can relate to them and provide help to their problems. SEO experts recommended that articles posted on your site should concentrate more on giving explanations to questions, delivering information about the vaping industry, reports, sharing data, and ways things are done.

Advertise on Reddit

Compared to some of the biggest marketing platforms, Reddit allows vape advertisements for it was created to serve everyone. In July of 2018, it was reported that Reddit had roughly 2 billion visitors and the majority of them were from Canada, UK, and the US. Promoting your vape company on Reddit is truly valuable with these data.

Team up with Vape Podcasters

Just like vaping, podcasting is a big hit these days. These podcasters have many followers and by partnering with them, you’ll have a great opportunity to promote your vape company especially when you can convince them to review your vape devices and juices. This will definitely boost not just your website, but also your sales.

Do Guest Posting

Another effective SEO strategy you can try is guest posting. It is done by linking your website address through anchor text within the article that you have written for other websites. This method will not only boost your website’s authority but also give you an advantage from other vape shops.

Utilize Google My Business

Whether you have a physical vape shop or online, you must obtain a local business listing on Google. When you register at Google My Business and optimize it well, your opportunity to be getting discovered by the local vapers will increase which most of them will result in a higher turnover ratio.

Consider Social Media Branding

A great social media tactic can definitely enhance your website’s potentiality in search engines. Though not all experts agree that social media will improve your website rankings, still it helps to build your brand value if it contains excellent content.


With these powerful SEO strategies, you will be able to establish your vape company brand through your website online. Have the patience of it as the effect will not happen overnight. Success is achieved through accurate efforts and is attention to detail.

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