There are thousands of solar companies in the world today, and the competition is fierce in this digital world. So, how will you make your company stand out from the multitude? The answer is SEO. The web has become the most prominent information resource globally, and it’s the most visited place when in search of information.

When people want to research something that solar experts say or about a solar company through an online search, they will usually just input the words “solar company” or something solar-related.

Your company’s lack of results on Google is a strong indication that you need to consider executing an SEO campaign to rectify that.

Why Should a Solar Company Carry Out an SEO Campaign?

There are thousands of Google searches every month. This means that every month, thousands of people are searching for what your company offers. In addition to online visibility and accessibility, search engine optimization provides other benefits, which are as follows:

Generation of More Traffic to Your Solar Website

traffic to solar website

Search engine optimization can help your solar company to attain a favorable ranking on Google search result pages. With this achieved, more traffic to your website will usually follow. Increased traffic to your website is just the start of other benefits you enjoy from a great SEO campaign. It triggers other benefits.

More Clients

Traffic usually results in conversion. The equation is relatively straightforward here: the more significant the traffic, the greater your chances of converting your site visitors to clients. When prospective clients search on Google with a keyword such as “solar firms in (the city you’re operating from)”, your company should be among the top results on Google. That happens when you invest in SEO.

So when your website comes up, they will visit your site, and when they see what they have been looking for, they will likely stay on and navigate your site for more information. In the process, they may decide to contact your company through the contact information provided on the site. Once they do this, they go from being a site visitor to a lead. So the next step in the conversion is becoming a customer.

Increase the Awareness of your Brand

The more online visibility (from good ranking on search result pages) your website has, the more prospective clients become aware of your brand. This will trigger discussions of your solar company among more people. The more this happens, the greater the chances your solar company will get recommendations from prospective clients.

How to Begin an SEO Campaign?

You should perform the following activities to have a great SEO campaign:

Keyword Research

Using great keywords tools such as KeywordsFX, Google Keyword Planner, or Keywords Everywhere, you can design content that will connect directly to your target audience. With these tools, you can find out the average monthly search volume of a keyword, their competition, how they are used or modified, and their cost per click.

Create Content

Write content for your target audience, not Google. Google’s job is to make relevant content visible and accessible. So creating keyword-stuffed (over-using keywords and forcing them in) content instead of keyword-rich (sufficiently using keywords and where appropriate) content will not work.

Clean URLs

A clean URL means every aspect or segment of your URL has a purpose. Significant segments of your URL should include title tags, meta descriptions, and alt tags. A clean URL improves Google’s understanding and ranking of your page.

Backlinks Portfolio

Backlinks show that other authorities recognize you in the industry as an expert. Therefore, aim to have links to your page on other sites. This also helps with search result ranking on Google.

Web Design and Optimisation

Your site design should provide a great user experience to attain a favorable ranking. Utilize the use of sitemaps, side menus, and navigation bars on your site. Your site should look organized and professional. It should also be optimized for mobile devices.

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